• Will complete daily tasks including house cleaning, food preparation, medication assistance, Behavior Management, ADL assistance and documentation done to stay in compliance with the states Rules & Regulation as well as the company’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Assuring and following procedures so that each individual’s Resident’s Rights is protected including freedom from abuse, neglect, inadequate care and exploitation.
  • Provide each resident the care that is outlined and agreed upon from their Service Agreement/Service Plan (ADL’s).
  • Provide and have completed proper education to perform medication assistance, CPR, and First Aid to residents.
  • To be able to pass a cleared Background Check through Health and Welfare as well as the state of Idaho. Inform the Director of Human Resource of any changes.
  • Perform and be educated on resident’s provision of privacy and follow all HIPPA regulations.
  • Assist and work with Case Managers, CBRS workers, Peer Support Specialists, Milieu managers, directors and families on providing residents with adequate care outside the facility such as doctor appointments, transportation, social activities, shopping, eating/dieting, exercise, groups, friends and family interactions and obtaining paperwork.
  • Notify and work with the Director of Maintenance and Construction on maintenance or things needed for the facility to ensure that it is working in good condition.
  • Notify the correct director, manager or person when necessary when there are issues, problems, concerns that need their attention.
  • Complete progress notes of appointments, behaviors, activities, issues, problems, correspondence, med changes and everything else out of the normal.
  • Ensure paperwork is properly taken care of asap and kept properly stored.
  • Notify, call or ask the proper person if not 100% sure about something.
  • Notify and document Incident Reports according to procedure asap when needed.
  • Implement and follow all Bluestep procedures.
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