BRC Recovery Program
Boise Residential Care | Boise, ID

  • Residential Safe and Stable Housing
  • Outpatient Treatment Services
  • 24- hour Supervision and Assistance


Residential Safe and Stable Housing

The vision of the program is to get our residents out of what Idaho knows housing for severe and persistent mentally ill as a “group home” or Residential Assisted Living Facility (RALF) where all meals, medications, and Activities of Daily Living are done for the resident. This has created more of a dependent living environment more attracted toward elderly or people who need more physical assistance by staff 24 hours a day….UNTIL NOW!!

Homes with Adult Residential Treatment “HART”

With a new vision needed in Idaho, Melissa Wolfe has been working with the Idaho Health and Welfare Division of Behavioral Health. She has contracted with them for a new pilot program called Homes with Adult Residential Treatment (HART). It promotes a new type of Housing and Mental Health Treatment option for Idahoans who have Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) and Dual Diagnoses. The housing will encourage and teach independence during their recovery while having 24-hour supervision. Clients will be encouraged and supported with their Activities of Daily Living rather than the assisted living approach of staff just doing it for them. They will participate and be educated with meals and their medications available now in Idaho for the first time. This different goal oriented approach will be our new process to promote and empower each client through their recovery process.…. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!

Around The Clock Treatment & Care in Boise, Idaho

The housing also includes a mental health agency to provide services at the agency, home, and in the community. Our clinical staff will be part of our supervisory staff at the homes 24-hours a day. This includes 24-hour on call for crisis, and emergency appointments. Residents will engage in a day treatment model program Monday through Friday. Services available 7 days a week include Medication Management, Counseling, Group Therapy sessions, Peer Support Specialists, Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS), Case Management, Skills Training and development classes and a variety of activities at the agency, at home, and out in the community.

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