How To Apply
Boise Residential Care | Boise, ID

Currently this is a Medicaid only program.

We will be extending our services in the future.

  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older who have a primary diagnosis of a serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) such as, but not limited to:
    • schizophrenia
    • schizoaffective disorder
    • Bipolar I disorder
    • Bipolar II
    • Major Depressive Disorder Recurrent Severe
    • Delusional Disorder
    • Psychotic Disorder
  • The psychiatric diagnosis must be of sufficient severity to cause a substantial disturbance in role performance or coping skills in at least two (2) of the following functional area in the last six (6) months:
    • Vocational and/or educational
    • Financial
    • Social Relationships and/or support
    • Family
    • Basic Living Skills
    • Housing
    • Community or Legal
    • Health and Medical
  • In addition to meeting the diagnostic criteria, individuals eligible must meet one(1) or more of the following:
    • Have a demonstrated history of being unable to maintain independent living
    • In need of residential support and supervision to ensure safety and well-being
    • Transitioning into the community after a discharge from a psychiatric hospitalizations
    • Other institutional setting
  • You must be receiving some sort of Social Security, either SSI or SSD. If your social security is in the pending status due to incarceration or hospitalization must have the approval letter.
  • You must be on Medicaid and preferably currently receiving or approved to receive enhanced services. If not submitted yet we can get you approved if you are receiving a social security payment.


You must be able to provide the following medical documentation in the last year:

  • If you are interested please submit paperwork and please fill out Application here.
  • A history and physical from a primary care physician if you have any physical medical conditions.
  • If your primary care physician prescribes and medications I will need a signed medication list.
  • If you currently see a medication manager you will need to provide a copy of the CDA as well as a signed medication list. The service coordination company will be able to send this to me directly with a Release of Information you filled out with them …..OR….Paperwork from the local or state psychiatric hospital.
  • If you have been at a local hospital or State Hospital and you do not have this paperwork you can fill out a Release of Information with us and we can get that for you.


If you need to fax please fax to (208) 286-9829

Click here to see BRC Recovery Program Contract