Clinical Program Coordinator

  • Planning, coordinating, documenting and oversee all programs, classes, meetings, events, groups and activities according to the client’s treatment plans and hours available to the client.
  • Coordinate, audit and oversee the appointments schedules for clients.
  • Coordinate and oversee last minute crisis appointments when needed.
  • Coordinate, audit, oversee and work with staff on transportation for clients.
  • Audit and oversee Behavior Management notes, plans and tracking and make any adjustments to appointments, classes, groups, schedules or plans as needed.
  • Maintaining budget and tracking expenditures/transactions for clients that we provide Rep payee services for and according to client’s treatment plans.
  • Ensuring implementation of policies and procedures. Will contact director of HR of any employee discrepancies.
  • Provides suggestions to directors for changes or implementation of office, administrative, procedures, and policies, projects, programs to further enhance the efficiency.
  • To assist the Directors in updating, implementing and training staff in new policy and procedures and forms that would enhance performance or productivity.
  • Work with the Director of HR & Operations to train, provide schedules for and directly supervise the Clinicians, Case Managers, CBRS workers and Peer Support Specialists.
  • Work with the Director of Maintenance to ensure technology is used correctly for all operations. (Computers, video, TV’s, presentations, video game machines).
  • Assist and work with the Directors of Finance and Operations in the purchasing and distribution of purchase orders, equipment or supplies to facilities and for any activities or classes as needed.
  • Work with the Director of Finance on billing for services provided.
  • Audit and oversee documentation for the Clinicians, Case Managers, CBRS workers, Peer Support Specialists and any other service providers.
  • Help build positive professional relationships within the team and external parties.
  • Support growth and program development.
  • To act as an example of what should be done to other employees.
  • To act in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Keep updated records and follow confidentiality and HIPPA laws.
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